How To Become An Affiliate

Affiliate status is open to bodies worldwide that have a demonstrable interest in the quality assurance of higher education. Affiliates, as opposed to members, are not required to demonstrate compliance with the ESG.

Before approaching ENQA formally to request affiliate status, it is advisable to informally approach the Secretariat. The Secretariat will be able to advise the potential applicant body as to whether it is likely to be eligible and, if so, how to progress the application through the formal stages.

In order to apply for affiliation, applicant organisations are requested to send a formal request to the Board of ENQA via the Secretariat. The letter should include:

  • A statement of why the applicant body wishes to establish a formal relationship with ENQA. Applicants are kindly requested to clarify why they seek affiliation with ENQA rather than membership.
  • Contact details.
  • A brief introduction to the applicant body including an outline of the constitution, mission statement, and summary of current activities.
  • A statement indicating that the organisation has reviewed the Statutes of ENQA and agrees to abide by them.

The applicant body may also submit additional documentation for consideration by the Board, i.e. an annual report, major publications etc. The key information should, however, be included in the letter of request.

Application process:

  1. The application is considered by the ENQA Board which meets six times a year.
  2. Once the application is accepted, the annual affiliate fee is invoiced. (Organisations that are granted Affiliate status part way through the year will pay the pro-rata amount of the annual fee based on the quarter in which they join).
  3. The organisation’s profile, as submitted in the application, is uploaded on our Affiliate directory and the organisation is given full access to our services and networking opportunities.

No application fee is charged.

The affiliate fee amounts to 2,317 € per annum.

More information about the application procedure for affiliation with ENQA can be found from:

Inquiries can be addressed to Paula Ranne at the ENQA secretariat:

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