European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE)

The review will evaluate the way in which and to what extent the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE) fulfills the criteria for ENQA membership and thus the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area. The evaluation is scheduled to finish July 2018.

Background and context
The European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE) was founded in 1988 in Paris, France, as a European Accrediting Organization and registered under French law. Offices were first in Paris, then in Brussels and since 2007 in Vienna, Austria. The formation of the Organisation was based on a 3-year cross-national peer assessment, which started in 1985 on the initiative of, and financed by, the EU Commission`s Advisory Committee on Veterinary Training (ACVT). Consequently, and upon recommendation of the study, ACVT installed a permanent evaluation system for European Veterinary Teaching Establishments and recognised EAEVE as the evaluating agency.
In 1993 the EU Commission withdrew its financial support and ACVT mandated EAEVE to continue managing the evaluation system independently and with its own budget. The EAEVE Member Establishments decided to maintain the system by paying membership and evaluation fees, as they recognised the benefits of such a Europe-wide profession-specific evaluation system.
In 2000, based on the EU-ACVT mandate, a Joint Educational Committee (now European Committee on Veterinary Education, ECOVE) was formed acting as an independent decision making Evaluation/Accreditation-Board managed by EAEVE, in cooperation with the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE), with the European System of Evaluation of Veterinary Training (ESEVT) as its accrediting arm. After each accreditation Visitation, ESEVT reports back to ECOVE for a final decision.

EAEVE is the only transnational non-governmental accrediting organisation for veterinary medicine in Europe with the primary objective to monitor the harmonization of the minimum standards set down in the study programme for veterinarians or veterinary surgeons in the EU Directives.

EAEVE membership is voluntary; EAEVE counts presently 96 member Establishments of which 75 are within the EU. The other members come from outside of the EU where many veterinary teaching Establishments have joined EAEVE; for example, from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, FYROM, Serbia, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey and Israel.

EAEVE has been an affiliate of ENQA since May 2012 and was assessed by an ENQA review panel on 10-12 June 2013. As a result of this review a number of suggestions were made by the ENQA panel which were enthusiastically taken up by EAEVE in both the internal QA workings of the agency as well as in its accreditation processes. Following on from these changes EAEVE has started to produce a self-assessment report in preparation for another external review by ENQA. Even though there exists no formal requirement for EAEVE to undergo a periodic external review, EAEVE considers it vital to demonstrate that its activities comply to international standards such as the ESG, therefore EAEVE is re-applying for ENQA membership and for registration in EQAR.

Review process
The process is designed in the light of the Guidelines for ENQA Agency Reviews and in line with the requirements of the EQAR Procedures for Applications.

The evaluation procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Formulation of the Terms of Reference and protocol for the review;
  2. Nomination and appointment of the review panel;
  3. Self-assessment by EAEVE including the preparation of a self-assessment report;
  4. A site visit by the review panel to EAEVE;
  5. Preparation and completion of the final evaluation report by the review panel;
  6. Scrutiny of the final evaluation report by the ENQA Review Committee;
  7. Analysis of the scrutiny by the ENQA Board and their decision regarding ENQA membership;
  8. Follow-up of the panel’s and/or ENQA Board’s recommendations by the agency, including a voluntary follow-up visit.

Review panel
The panel is composed of the following members:

  • Jürgen Kohler, Professor of private law and private litigation, Greifswald University, Former Chair of the German Akkreditierungsrat (Accreditation Council, Germany – Chair, academic and quality assurance professional (EUA nominee)
  • Patrick Van den Bosch, Quality Assurance advisor, Quality Assurance Unit of the Flemish Higher Education Council (VLUHR QA), Belgium – Secretary, quality assurance professional (ENQA nominee)
  • Andrea Nolan, Professor of Veterinary Pharmacology, Principal & Vice Chancellor of Edinburgh Napier University, United Kingdom – Academic (ENQA nominee)
  • Inguna Zariņa, Master student at University of Latvia, Latvia – Student (ESU nominee)

This review is being coordinated by Agnė Grajauskienė.

EAEVE’s self-assessment report is available here.

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