Review Committee

Four Review sub-Committees assist the Board with the decision-making process by providing recommendations. Each committee is composed of two members of the ENQA Board and one external.

The Board of ENQA uses external review reports to reach a conclusion on whether an agency has met the membership criteria/ESG.

The outline of the decision-making process is as follows:

  1. Once submitted to the ENQA Secretariat, the report is distributed to one of the Review sub-Committees;
  2. The Review sub-Committee produces an analysis of the report and a recommendation to the Board in the format of a scrutiny form;
  3. The Board makes a decision on the basis of the review report and scrutiny. The Board is not, however, obliged to follow the recommendations by the review panel or by the Review Committee. The Board makes its decision in the light of gathered evidence.

Review Committees

Committee A

  • Christoph Grolimund
  • Teresa Sánchez Chaparro
  • Gudrun Feucht (external committee member nominated by Business Europe)
  • Alternate member: Anne Flierman

Committee B

  • Caty Duykaerts
  • Eva Ferreira García
  • Fiona Crozier (external committee member from QAA)
  • Alternate member: Christina Rozsnyai

Committee C

  • Tove Blytt Holmen
  • Anne Flierman
  • Núria Comet Señal (external committee member from AQU Catalunya)
  • Alternate member: Caty Duykaerts

Committee D

  • Christina Rozsnyai
  • Nora Skaburskienė
  • Achim Hopbach (external committee member from AQ Austria)
  • Alternate member: Tove Blytt Holmen