ENQA Agency Reviews

ENQA Agency Reviews are designed to meet the expectations of both the ENQA Board, for membership applications, and of EQAR, for the purpose of registration. In addition, ENQA Agency Reviews may be used for other purposes where an agency needs to formally demonstrate its compliance with the ESG, such as in different national contexts. The ENQA Agency Reviews is thus a process to stimulate trust in quality assurance and quality of higher education internationally and to support and add to the legitimacy of the agency at the national level (where relevant).

The ESG form the basic framework for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and serve as the reference tool for the ENQA Agency Reviews. The model and performance of the ENQA Agency Reviews are, as far as possible, prescribed by the standards in Part 2 of the ESG, i.e. the standards describing how an agency should organise its external quality assurance activities. External reviews may have serious consequences for agencies, not only in terms of granting access to membership of ENQA and inclusion in EQAR, but also in terms of indirect judgments on credibility, quality, and other predications of entire external review systems, or even the higher education system of a country or region. Thus, the ENQA Agency Review process aims at being consistent and trusted, with a constant attention to the quality assurance and improvement of the method itself.

The Guidelines for ENQA Agency Reviews are intended to support all individuals and entities involved in the review process and, most importantly, the agencies under review and the external reviewers. The old version of the Guidelines for external reviews of quality assurance agencies in the EHEA is still available here.

The following supplementary materials are available:

For reviewers:


For agencies:


For review committees


The cost of an ENQA-coordinated review, including the fees and expenses of a four-member review team, is approximately 30,000 EUR (36,000 EUR including VAT).