SISQE • State Inspectorate for Supervision of Quality in Education

SISQE - State Inspectorate for Supervision of Quality in Education

SISQE is an ENQA Affiliate.

SISQE was established in Uzbekistan according to Presidential Decree № 2909, and began its operationon 3 November 2017 as an independent body in charge of quality assurance in the education system of the country. The decree defines the role and competencies of SISQE. Currently SISQE is taking steps for innovative development and expansion of education quality, such as:

  • the development of accreditation standards mutually agreed upon with stakeholders to foster the implementation of state policy in the field of quality assurance as well as the training and professional development of personnel;
  • carrying out certification and state accreditation for educational institution, regardless of their departmental organisation or legal form;
  • the analysis of the correspondence of knowledge of students, students and listeners to state educational standards, state requirements and qualification requirement, determination of the ranking of educational institution;
  • the issuance of licenses for non-state educational institution by the Commission for Licensing Activities of Non-State Educational Institution of the Cabinet of Ministers as a working body;
  • the orrganisation of recognition and nostrification of education certificates issued in third countries;
  • the examination of documents submitted for issuing permits to foreign educational institutions for the right to conduct educational activities on the territory of the Republic;
  • the development of a system for the national ranking of educational institutions.
Contact information
ENQA history
Affiliation granted in April 2020

21 Nurkhon Street, Chilanzar district
100115 Tashkent

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