Agency Review Committee

The Agency Review Committee (ARC) is responsible for validating external review reports by assessing the integrity of the review process and checking the quality and consistency of the reports. 

For reviews coordinated by ENQA this forms part of the internal quality assurance of the review process. The ARC produces a statement validating that the report has been produced in accordance with the Guidelines for ENQA Agency Reviews and noting any areas where it disagrees with the findings of the review panel. The statement is published on the ENQA website as an annex to the review report.

The ARC also analyses reports from reviews that are coordinated by another organisation and intended to be used for an application for ENQA membership. For this purpose, the ARC produces a letter to the ENQA Board stating whether the review report has been conducted in accordance with the Guidelines for ENQA Agency Reviews and provides sufficient, clear and verified evidence to be used as the basis for a decision on ENQA membership.

The ARC is currently composed of the following members: 

  • Sandra Bezjak, Assistant Director for Higher Education, ASHE (Croatia)
  • Alastair Delaney, Director for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, QAA (United Kingdom)
  • Ronny Heintze, Senior Consultant and Commissioner for International Projects, AQAS (Germany)
  • Esther Huertas, Head of Quality Assurance Department, AQU Catalunya (Spain)
  • Aurelija Valeikiene, Deputy Director, SKVC (Lithuania)
  • Patrick Van den Bosch, Policy Advisor Quality Assurance, VLUHR QA (Belgium)