Resources and support

In order to support agencies to adapt their practices during the Covid-19 pandemic, ENQA has facilitated the sharing of practice amongst its community.

The following resources are available:

  • Part one (April 2021) and part two (May 2021) of ENQA’s webinar series on online quality assurance – experiences from ENQA members. The webinars provided diverse examples from ENQA members about how they conduct external quality assurance activities in an online format.
  • A webinar on conducting online site visits (June 2020)
  • A webinar specifically for CEOs of ENQA members on strategic responses to the pandemic (available only for members and affiliates in the Members’ Area of the website) (May 2020)
  • A collection of case examples on how agencies dealt with the early stages of the pandemic (July 2020)
  • An article on the initial impact of the pandemic on agencies (May 2020)

In April 2021, ENQA will hold a further webinar to enable agencies to share the lessons learnt from a year of conducting external quality assurance online. Further information is available here.

In line with current Belgian regulations, the ENQA secretariat are working from home and can be reached by email. All our events and meetings are taking place online. ENQA thanks all members and affiliates for their continued support and engagement. We hope to see you again in person soon.

ENQA Agency Reviews

ENQA continues to coordinate external reviews of agencies. All reviews and progress visits are currently taking place online in accordance with ENQA’s protocol for online site visits. In case you have concerns about the timing or implementation of a forthcoming review of your agency, please do not hesitate to contact the Reviews Manager, Goran Dakovic.

Agencies are assured that ESG compliance will not be affected if they have adapted their procedures due to the current circumstances. For agencies also seeking registration on EQAR, further information is also available on the EQAR website.

ENQA statements on Covid-19

ENQA published two statements in the early stages of the pandemic to reassure agencies regarding ESG compliance and implementation of external reviews, and to inform members and affiliates of the activities offered by ENQA to support them in facing the unprecedented challenges caused by the pandemic.

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