ENQA offers external reviews of quality assurance agencies to assess their compliance with the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the EHEA (ESG). An external review against the ESG is a prerequisite to become a member of ENQA and to apply for listing on EQAR. 

ENQA has been conducting reviews of agencies since 2007 and in a more systematic manner since 2011. ENQA is the main provider of such reviews in the EHEA.

The reviews help to enhance trust and transparency in quality assurance across Europe and are specifically designed to:

ENQA Agency Reviews are designed to meet the expectations of both ENQA, for membership applications, and of EQAR for the purpose of registration.


ENQA agency reviews are conducted according to the following principles:

  • The review is an evidence-based process carried out by independent experts.
  • The information provided by the agency is assumed to be factually correct unless evidence points to the contrary.
  • The review is a process of verification of information provided in the self-assessment report (SAR) and other documentation and the exploration of any matters which are omitted from that documentation.
  • The process is transparent, and outputs are published.
  • The level of conformity with the ESG required for ENQA membership is that of “overall compliance”, not rigid adherence.

The methodology has been developed in cooperation with agencies and stakeholders to ensure it is fit-for-purpose. Each review consists of a self-assessment by the agency, a site visit by a team of reviewers representing different stakeholders, a written report, and a follow-up process including a progress visit. More information about the methodology can be found in the ‘step-by-step’ section and in the Guidelines for ENQA Agency Reviews.


The fee for an agency review coordinated by ENQA is 30,600€ + VAT. The full breakdown of costs is available here.

Further information

For all enquiries related to agency reviews, please contact the ENQA Reviews Manager, Goran Dakovic.