Complaints And Appeals

Appeals and complaints for agencies under review

The ENQA Appeals and Complaints procedure for agencies under review covers two possibilities:

  • An agency whose application for membership is not accepted by the ENQA Board may appeal the decision
  • An agency that is dissatisfied with the conduct of the review process or those carrying it out may submit a complaint

An appeal or complaint shall only be considered as official if substantiated and supported by appropriate evidence, references, and examples. An appeal/complaint shall clearly and concisely set forth the grounds for the appeal/complaint, referring to specific standards or guidelines of the ESG or to specific sections of the ENQA Agency Review Guidelines.

Decisions on appeals and complaints will be made by the ENQA Board on the basis of a report and recommendations for action compiled by the Appeals and Complaints Committee.

Full details of how to submit an appeal or complaint and how they are dealt with are set out in the ENQA Rules of Procedure (article 23) .

Complaints policy for third parties

Individuals or organisations that have substantiated concerns about an ENQA member agency’s compliance with the ESG may address these to ENQA in line with the Complaints Policy for Third Parties.

ENQA will only consider complaints that are related to:

  • a member agency’s compliance with the ESG
  • the integrity of the external review and decision-making process on the basis of which the agency was admitted as a member in ENQA

Full details of the principles, process and format for complaints can be found in the Complaints Policy.

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