In order to validate the results of the research (the surveys, country reports, good practice cases and in-depth interviews) at the European level and to support the development of the project outcomes (toolkit and principles on QA of CBHE), a European Expert Forum was held in November 2014.

The Forum was intended to gather around 40 participants including the project partners and the Advisory Board members, HEIs and QA agency representatives, as well as invited experts. Some participants were selected from countries other than the project partner countries, which demonstrated in the first survey to have some CBHE, and/or countries or agencies which were working on procedures and criteria for CBHE.

The European Expert Forum took place on 5-6 November 2014 and was hosted by QAA in London, UK.

Please click here to view photos from the event.

The following documents are now available:

Directions for the forum

Participation list

Event programme

Instructions for breakout session

The following presentations are now available:

The Quality Assurance of Cross Border Higher Education – Mission Impossible? by Carolyn Campbell

Introduction to the project by Paula Ranne

CBHE – The French Perspective by Solange Pisarz

CBHE – The Spanish Perspective by Vanessa Duclos

CBHE – The German Perspective by Katrin Mayer-Lantermann

The challenges of QA of CBHE: European QA Agencies by Rafael Llavori

The challenges of QA of CBHE: Higher education institutions by Maria Kelo

Good practices in QA of CBHE – messages from ANQAHE by Tariq Al Sindi

Good practices in QA of CBHE – messages from APQN by Jagannath Patil

UK QACHE Country Report by Fabrizio Trifiro

QA in cross-border education: a UCC perspective by Fiona Crozier

QA in cross-border education: a Middlesex perspective by Ruth Carter

This event was open to participants by invitation only. For questions, please contact Paula Ranne.

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