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Are you a university manager, researcher, policymaker or are you a business innovation or entrepreneurship manager? The UIIN conference, taking place over three days, will give you access to a wide variety of presentations and workshops and allow you to participate in numerous networking opportunities. The conference program consists of a wide variety of aspects, highlighting the latest scientific research on university-industry interaction, providing an insight into good practice case studies from known and lesser known institutions across the world, as well as sharing experiences from practitioners.

Hosted in Amsterdam, one of Europe’s start-up capitals, the conference gives participants the opportunity to meet around 400 participants from all over the world and interact, share knowledge, and establish new contacts.

UIIN is looking forward to welcoming you to Amsterdam.
Website: http://www.university-industry.com/

The conference programme is available on the event website.

*ENQA members are entitled to receive a 10% discount on the registration fee. Register now and benefit from a 10% discount for ENQA members by using the voucher: ENQAdiscount.

UI2016 Logo

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