7th ENQA Members’ Forum, 4-5 May 2017, Oslo, Norway

4 May 2017-5 May 2017 All Day

The 2017 ENQA Members’ Forum, hosted by the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT), took place on 4-5 May 2017. NOKUT prepared a brief introductory video, available here.

Registration for the ENQA Members’ Forum is now closed.

The following materials for the ENQA Members’ Forum are now available:

  1. Final programme
  2. Biographies of the speakers
  3. Practical information
  4. List of participants

Documents for the General Assembly portion of the programme are available in the Members’ Area.

The following presentations are now available:

  1. Developments in the Bologna Process and the way forward by Una Strand Vidarsdottir
  2. Understanding Quality: Global challenges and prospects by Taya Louise Owens
  3. Unintended outcomes of quality assurance by Øystein Lund
  4. Governance-related Change in Accreditation in Denmark by Steffen Westergard Andersen
  5. From AERES to Hceres by Michel Cosnard
  6. All education evaluation in one organisation – FINEEC by Helka Kekäläinen
  7. Notes from breakout sessions

Photos from the event are available on the ENQA Facebook page.

Pre-event focus group (EQUIP project)

Participants of the ENQA Members’ Forum were invited to participate in a pre-event focus group, an activity arranged within the scope of the EQUIP project. The focus group verified and further consolidated evidence collected through previous project activities about implementation challenges with the ESG 2015 and aimed to share good practice and discuss the proposed approaches to solving these challenges. Registration for the focus group is now closed.

The following materials for the EQUIP focus group are now available:

  1. Programme
  2. List of participants
  3. Practical information

The following presentations are now available:

  1. Introduction to EQUIP project and the focus groups by Maria Kelo
  2. Current issues in QA and concepts of quality by Anna Gover
  3. Lessons learnt and taking things forward by Tia Loukkola

Pre-event workshop (NOKUT)

The host of the ENQA Members’ Forum offered a pre-event workshop (description available here) from 15:00 – 19:00 at the Gamle Logen on 3 May. Registration for NOKUT’s pre-event workshop is now closed.

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