ENQA Agency Reviews: Seminar for Recently Reviewed Agencies

12 October 2017-13 October 2017 All Day

The first ENQA Seminar for Recently Reviewed Agencies took place on 12-13 October 2017 in The Hague, the Netherlands. The seminar was organised by ENQA and hosted by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

The seminar aimed to support the development of agencies by inviting them to share post-review progress and good practices. Participants had also an opportunity to discuss their experiences in preparing for and undergoing a review as well as challenges in meeting the expectations of the ESG 2015 and to exchange ideas on how to approach the identified challenges.

The seminar focused mainly on ENQA Agency Reviews, however, ENQA members that had recently undergone an external review coordinated by other entities were also invited. For logistical reasons, participation was limited to two representatives per agency that had recently undergone or was at the moment undergoing an external review coordinated by ENQA and to one representative per member agency reviewed by another entity (in both cases, participation was limited to agencies whose reviews concluded/were expected to conclude between October 2015 and September 2017).

There was no fee to attend this event, however, participants were kindly requested to book their own travel and accommodation.

Registration for the event has now closed.

The following materials are now available:
Practical information

The following presentations are now available:

  1. External review as development process of the agency by Antonio Serrano González
  2. Revising methodologies and linking criteria with Part 1: Stakeholder involvement in the process by Helka Kekäläinen
  3. Student-centred learning by David Metz
  4. Thematic analysis by Almantas Šerpatauskas
  5. Putting panel recommendations into action – agency’s experience in preparing action plan by Đurđica Dragojević

Photos from the event are available here.

For information regarding this seminar, please contact Reviews Manager Agnė Grajauskienė.

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