ENQA Leadership Programme 2019 – Seminar 3

4 March 2020-6 March 2020 All Day

About the seminar

The third seminar of the ENQA Leadership programme 2019, hosted by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO), took place on 4-6 March 2020 in The Hague, The Netherlands. The event was scheduled to commence at 16.00 on 4 March and conclude at 14.00 on 6 March and focused on “formal and informal leadership in Quality Assurance Agencies.”

The programme was designed to provide an intensive European peer-learning experience for high-potential professional staff in member and affiliate quality assurance agencies. The programme was a unique opportunity for QA agencies to offer their staff targeted training in an international environment!

More information on the ENQA Leadership programme is available here.

General Programme Documents

ENQA Leadership Programme 2019 – Brochure
ENQA Leadership Programme 2019 – Draft programme
ENQA Leadership Programme 2019 – List of participants

Seminar 3 documents

ENQA Leadership Programme 2019 – Programme
ENQA Leadership Programme 2019 – Practical information


  1. Working and leading in a QA agency – roles, tasks, challenges by Don F. Westerheijden and Jon File
  2. The European Universities Initiative: a new challenge for quality assurance by Mark Frederiks
  3. The involvement of students in external QA by Helen Braten, Bastien Brodard, Eva Pietsch, Duska Radmanovic, and Tinka Thede
  4. QA agencies as promoters of quality culture by Baptiste Feuz, Anaïs Gourdin, Daulet Kalanov, Roisin Morris-Drennan, Mirella Nordblad, and Aslaug Louise Slette
  5. The social responsibility of QA agencies by Mairead Boland, Alexandra Paffen, Marina Cvitanušić Brečić, Einar Meier, Maria Browning, and Vlad Popescu
  6. EQA communication by Shirley Gibbins, Maria E. Weber, Dagmar Provijn, Ulf Hedbjörk, Kaija Kumpas-Lenk, and Caroline Natland


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