ENQA/CHAIN5 webinar: External QA at level 5 – Time for a common approach?

6 April 2023 10:00-11:30

This webinar explored the topic of external quality assurance of EQF level 5 courses offered as higher vocational education and training or short cycle higher education. The increased focus on flexible learning pathways, investment in skills and permeability between education sectors, in conjunction with international student mobility, makes a shared understanding of QA approaches to EQF level 5 qualifications all the more important.

However, the different positions of level 5 in the education building blocks of EHEA countries can make this challenging, and suggests a need for a transparent and coherent approach to quality assurance that is built on the current arrangements used in both the higher education and VET sectors.

This webinar was co-organised by ENQA and CHAIN5  (the community of practice for level 5). It included an introduction about the topic, examples of how external QA of EQF level 5 is addressed in different national contexts, and discussion on the feasibility of a common external QA framework for level 5 qualifications.


  • Hans Daale, CHAIN5 President
  • Bryan Maguire, Quality and Qualifications Ireland
  • Daphne Carolus, Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders
  • Triin Laasi-Õige, Director, Tallinn School of Economics, Estonia
  • Erik Swars, Swiss Federal University for Vocational Education and Training

The webinar was chaired by Douglas Blackstock, ENQA President.



The recording of the event is available on ENQA’s YouTube channel here.

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