ENQA Workshop on Accreditation Models in Higher Education

12 November 2003-15 November 2003 00:00

In November 2003, ENQA organised in co-operation with its Italian member agency, Comitato per la Valutazione del Sistema Universitario, a workshop on Accreditation Models in Higher Education – Experiences and Perspectives in Rome, Italy.

The workshop report is available here.

The following workshop materials are available:

Summary and Discussion

Elisabeth Fiorioli: Accreditation in Austria

Kirsi Mustonen & Sirpa Moitus: Accreditation Models in Higher Education in Finland: experiences and perspectives

René-Paul Martin: Evaluation and Accreditation practices in France. A powerful tool for improving quality in engineering education
*René-Paul Martin presentation

Hans-Uwe Erichsen: Quality assurance and accreditation in Germany
*Hans-Uwe Erichsen presentation

Christina Rozsnyai: Accreditation Models in Higher Education: Experiences and Perspectives
*Christina Rozsnyai presentation 1
*Christina Rozsnyai presentation 2

Muzio M. Gola: Premises to Accreditation: a minimum set of accreditation requirements

Alessandro Figà Talamanca: From Authotisation to Accreditation – a Difficult Path for the University System in a Changing Society

Carlo Calandra Buonaura & Primiano Di Nauta: An approach to accreditation: the path of the Italian Higher Education
*Carlo Calandra Buonaura & Primiano Di Nauta presentation

Ko Scheele: Licence to Kill: about accreditation issues and James Bond
*Ko Scheele presentation

Karl Dittrich: Accreditation in the Netherlands

Tove Blytt Holmen presentation

Quality Assurance of Norwegian Higher Education

Regulations Relating to Criteria for Accreditation of Institutions and to Standards and Criteria for Accreditation of Course Provisions in Norwegian Education

Criteria for Evaluation of Universities’ and University Colleges’ Quality Assurance Systems for Educational Activities

Lee Harvey: The Power of Accreditation: views of academics

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