ENQA online event: External quality assurance of micro-credentials, 27 September 2022

27 September 2022 10:00-13:00

This ENQA online event explored existing and prospective practices for external quality assurance of micro-credentials in a variety of contexts across the European Higher Education Area. The event was based on the outcomes of the ENQA working group on micro-credentials, which has been exploring the topic in detail over the past year.

A comprehensive mapping exercise conducted by ENQA has revealed that micro-credentials are on the radar of quality assurance agencies but that arrangements are highly dependent on the spread of the phenomenon in national contexts and the regulatory requirements under development. Due to the specific features of micro-credentials, there is also some resistance to claims that internal quality assurance arrangements cover, by default, micro-credentials and can be relied on heavily.

The event outlined a number of areas which require added attention if micro-credentials are to be designed, delivered and reviewed to render quality results and meet the expectations of increasingly diverse profiles of learners. Topics for debate included the appropriateness of ex-ante or ex-post quality assurance, the level of involvement of industry partners, the notion of an expiry date and the link between quality assurance and recognition practices with a view to supporting stackability and portability of micro-credentials.



Introduction to the event and overview of ENQA project “Micro-credentials – Quality Assurance Expectations within the context of the ESG” by Anca Greere

Mapping external quality assurance practices for micro-credentials across the EHEA: results of ENQA survey by Esther Huertas Hidalgo

Reflections, expectations and recommendations on the use of the ESG to externally quality assure micro-credentials by Anca Greere, Dagmar Provijn and Ulf Hedbjörk


Case studies focusing on external quality assurance of micro-credentials

Developing the validation process for short programmes in collaboration with higher education institutions by Walter Balfe

Quality assurance of micro-credentials linked to vocational training for employment: The experience of AQU Catalunya by Esther Huertas Hidalgo

Designing a voluntary scheme for external quality assurance of micro-credentials by Anca Greere



The recordings of the event will  soon be available on ENQA’s YouTube channel and here below:

First part of the event: Introduction, mapping of external quality assurance practices for micro-credentials and reflections

Second part of the event: Case studies focusing on external quality assurance of micro-credentials

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