QA-FIT Focus Group for QA agencies

13 May 2024-14 May 2024 All Day

ENQA will organise a Focus Group as part of the QA-FIT project consultations with higher education stakeholders. It will draw on the work of the project, which has identified differing stakeholder views around the scope and level of detail required from a European framework for quality assurance. Participants will debate some of the fundamental questions underpinning the future development of the ESG, as well as explore some specific standards of Parts 2 and 3 that could benefit from revision. The discussions will build on the outcomes of the surveys and sessions at the 2023 ENQA General Assembly, while also addressing further topics in more detail.

The outcomes of the Focus Group will feed into the conclusions of the QA-FIT project, which aims to provide an evidence base for the revision of the ESG, which will take place in 2024-26.

The Focus Group will be a lunch-to-lunch event taking place on 13-14 May 2024.

Should you have questions about the Focus Group, please contact Elena Cirlan at


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