QACHE Asia-Pacific Regional Forum, 22-23 January, Macau

22 January 2015-23 January 2015 All Day

A small-scale regional forum was organised targeting the APQN member agencies in the Asia-Pacific region.

The purpose of the regional forum was threefold:

  1. to verify and collect further information on the host perspective;
  2. to inform the partner countries or potential partner countries of the state of art in QA of CBHE in Europe, by presenting the outcomes of the activities linked to the European agencies and institutions; and
  3. to facilitate the creation of collaborative links between European and non-European QA agencies and authorities. Other expected outcomes of the event were further policy dialogue within and between the regions, and enhanced mutual understanding of the approaches and policies to QA of CBHE.

The event was designed to gather around 25 participants from QA agencies and other relevant actors in cross-border higher education (CBHE) in the region. All project partners from Europe also participated in the event, both to present outcomes of the other project activities and the European cases, as well as to discuss needs and opportunities for collaboration between agencies and relevant authorities in the future.

The event took place after the data collection in Europe was finalised, and when the agency surveys in each of the regions were completed.

The Asian Regional Forum took place on 22-23 Jannuary 2015 and was hosted by APQN member, GAES, in Macau. The event is open to participants by invitation only.

The following documents are now available:

List of Participants


QACHE Macao breakout session

The following presentations are now available:

Challenges of Quality Assurance of Cross-Border Higher Education (CBHE) by Dr Alan Wu

QACHE PROJECT: CBHE – The European Perspective by Solange Pisarz

Feedback on The Gulf Regional Seminar QACHE Project: Challenges, Good Practices & Recommendations by Tariq Al-Sindi

Quality Assurance of Cross-border Higher Education – Perspectives from Asia Pacific by Dr. Jagannath Patil

Perspectives from Receiving Countries in Asia Pacific: Case of Hong Kong by WS Wong

Introduction to the work of ENQA and the QACHE survey for HEIs by Paula Ranne

Quality Assurance of Cross-border higher education – the European perspective by Rafael Llavori

Collaboration among Providers and Receivers for QA of CBHE: German Views by Olaf Bartz

Photos from the event are available here.

Information about the QACHE project is available here.

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