Social dimension of e-learning – Addressing challenges through QA

12 December 2016-13 December 2016 00:00

ENQA was pleased to invite its members, affiliates, and other interested stakeholders to participate in the conference on the “Social dimension of e-learning – Addressing challenges through QA” to discuss how QA supports trust in e-learning, accessibility, the social dimension of e-learning and to learn more about the TeSLA project.

Participation in the event was free. Registration for the event has now closed.

The following documents are now available:
List of Participants
Practical Information

The following presentations are now available:

  1. Quality challenges for digital higher education by Ulf-Daniel Ehlers
  2. TeSLA Project by Ana Guerrero
  3. QA supporting trust in e-learning by Liza Kozlowska
  4. Accessibility of higher education by Tarja Ladonlahti

Photos from the event are available on the ENQA Facebook page.

Please note that photos will be taken during the event and may be used for publications and websites, both by the organisers and the hosts. Should you be opposed to your picture being used as described, please contact the photographer or the organisers on-site.

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