“What Works” conference for IMHE Members on Fostering quality teaching in higher education: How to maximise the added value of the student experience?

8 April 2014-9 April 2014 All Day

The OECD Higher Education Programme (IMHE) “What Works” conferences have been a successful series of workshops and meetings designed to assist IMHE members by reviewing current policy and practice while disseminating examples of successful innovation. The conferences are intended to equip participants with inspirational examples of institutional strategy development, as well as provide an understanding of the conditions for implementation and the context, measurement and assessment of impact.

Added value: A “What Works” conference is a unique chance to meet different leaders and practitioners, to share perspectives and experiences and to build institutional capacity in designing and implementing effective higher education policies.

The “What Works” Conference on Fostering quality teaching in higher education has been developed by the OECD Higher Education Programme (IMHE), which has asserted itself as an important actor in higher

  • OECD/IMHE has a long history of leadership in comparative assessment, reform and innovation in higher education.
  • OECD/IMHE has evidence and statistics from the world’s developed and developing economies.
  • OECD/IMHE provides data, evidence, policy insights and shared practices to allow better understanding of the evolving higher education landscape, identify the main challenges, create more effective strategies and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

From policy analysis to policy practice, this “What Works” Conference aims to explore what works best in higher education.

It will help higher education policy makers and institutional leaders explore how to maximise the added value of the student experience.

The Conference will address such questions as:

  • How to respond to the growing demand for relevant teaching?
  • How to ensure that higher education will lead to gainful employment and equip students with the right skills and aptitudes?
  • How to assist human resources in leveraging quality teaching?
  • How to embed quality teaching throughout the entire institution?
  • How to increase the efficiency of teaching when funding constraints become more stringent?

The full conference description is available here.
The preliminary agenda is available here.
Registration for members of the OECD Higher Education Programme (IMHE) is available here.
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