AAC • Accreditation Agency Curacao

AAC - Accreditation Agency Curacao

AAC is an ENQA Affiliate.

The “Accreditation Agency Curacao” is a national accreditation agency in Curacao that will ensure the procedures for safeguarding the academic quality of higher education study programs as well as courses offered by vocational institutions. The AAC is authorized to assess and accredit higher education programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The agency is supported by institutions of higher education and scientific associations and is solely dedicated to the quality assurance and the progress of study programs and teaching skills at universities and other institutions of higher education.
The accreditation procedures contribute to national and international comparability and recognition processes and ensure a reliable orientation for accreditation applicants.

The AAC contributes to the development of reliable and comparable quality assurance systems in the national and international context and is based both on American quality assurance systems and on European standards such as the ESG.

Contact information
Abigail Kramers-Eendragt
ENQA history
Affiliation granted in February 2018
Affiliation renewed on 10 March 2023

La Puerta Business Center, Rif St. Marie, Coral Estate
Willemstad, Dutch Caribbean

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