ANQA • National Centre for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation

ANQA - National Centre for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation

ANQA was established in Armenia as a non-membership, non-commercial, state-funded Foundation under the Government Decree (No. 1486). ANQA strives to promote public trust, social cohesion, equity, responsibility and competitiveness through systematic enhancement of tertiary level education (higher and vocational) provisions. As a foundation, ANQA is independent from TLIs, MoES and third parties. The agency is governed by the Board of Trustees and a Director.

ANQA is formally recognised in Armenia as the only agency to provide external quality assurance (EQA) services and to stimulate the tertiary level institutions (TLIs) to develop, disseminate and enhance a quality culture. ANQA is also responsible for running the Stare Accreditation Register.

EQA activities in Armenia include institutional and programme accreditation. Institutional accreditation is a regular mandatory process both for private and public institutions operating in RA and is granted for a period of 4 or 6 years, or conditional accreditation for a period of 2 years. Programme Accreditation is carried out on the initiative of the TLI on voluntary basis, with the exception of medical academic programmes, the accreditation of which is compulsory. Programme Accreditation evaluates the effectiveness of academic programmes and to monitor whether it thoroughly ensures the acquisition of intended learning outcomes. Programme accreditation is granted  for a period of 5 years.

ANQA’s most recent external review report can be found here.

ANQA is registered on EQAR.

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ENQA history
Membership granted in February 2017
Membership reconfirmed on 13 December 2022

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