AQUA • Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education in Andorra

AQUA is an ENQA Affiliate.

L’Agència de Qualitat de l’Ensenyament Superior d’Andorra (AQUA) monitors the quality of higher education in Andorra with the permanent demand for quality and rigor derived from social and labor demands. The evaluation system is the tool to adapt higher education to the framework of the European Higher Education Area, and it should tend to the continuous improvement of its processes in higher education.

The aims of the AQUA are to evaluate, accredit and certify the quality higher education in Andorra in accordance with the principles of the European Higher Education Area, and the criteria it establishes in the ESG.

Contact information
ENQA history
Affiliation granted in April 2012
Affiliation reconfirmed after reapplication in December 2018

Nova Seu del Consell General C/Dr. Vilanova 15-17, -3
AD500 Andorra la Vella

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