AVAP • Valencian Agency for Strategic Assessment and Forecasting

AVAP - Valencian Agency for Strategic Assessment and Forecasting

AVAP is an ENQA Affiliate.

AVAP is an independent Spanish entity created with the aim of guaranteeing the quality and excellence of the Valencian systems of higher education, innovation and public services through evaluation and foresight. AVAP, with its own legal personality and assets and full capacity to act for the fulfilment of its aims, is attached to the Regional Ministry of Innovation, Universities, Science and the Digital Society.

AVAP’s functions are to: 1) accredit and evaluate university institutions and teaching staff and other related activities established by the Organic Law on Universities and other current legislation; 2) evaluate technological, business, research and development programmes; 3) analyse new technological, scientific and university demands of use to the Valencian Autonomous Community, carrying out foresight studies; and 4) evaluate and accredit the quality of university centres, their policies and programmes.

Contact information
Palazón Ferrando
ENQA history
Affiliation granted in June 2016

Palau del Intendent Pineda Plaza del Carmen, nº 4
46003 Valencia

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