EKKA • Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education

EKKA - Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education

EKKA was established in 2009 (at that time as part of Archimedes Foundation) to continue the work of the Estonian Higher Education Accreditation Centre. As of the 1 August 2020, EKKA operates within The Education and Youth Authority, a governmental body under the administration of the Ministry of Education and Research. As part of the Authority, EKKA  continues to perform its activities and tasks independently. EKKA is also independent in developing its principles and procedures for quality assessment and in adopting assessment decisions.

EKKA is the leading competence centre in the field of external evaluation of educational institutions in Estonia. EKKA’s activities are based on the needs of the Estonian education system and learners as well as guidelines and agreements in the areas of European higher and vocational education. In its daily work, EKKA draws on up-to-date know-how tailored to the local context and informs stakeholders of the results of external assessments and analyses conducted thereof. EKKA’s mission is to support the development of a culture of quality in the field of education and enhance the openness and competitiveness of the Estonian society. The key responsibilities of EKKA are:

  1. organising and conducting institutional accreditation in educational institutions providing higher education; and quality assessment of their study programme groups and
  2. performing other functions assigned to it by legislation, including quality assessment of study programme groups in vocational education and training.

EKKA’s most recent external review report can be found here.

EKKA is registered on EQAR.

Contact information
ENQA history
Membership granted in 2013
Membership reconfirmed on 22 February 2018

Tõnismägi 11
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