FIGURE • Engineering Education by Research Universities

FIGURE is an ENQA Affiliate.

The Réseau Figure® (the acronym FIGURE stands for “Engineering Education by Research Universities” in French) was launched in France in 2012 as part of the programme “Investissement d’Avenir” set up and funded by the French government for a total amount of 10 M€. It is a network organised as a non-profit association of universities with the following three objectives:

  • Develop goods, production systems and services engineering programmes. Specific Master degrees (CMI, “Cursus Master en Ingénierie”) and Bachelor degrees (CBI, “Cursus Bachelor en Ingénierie”) are implemented within FIGURE establishments.
  • Support the implementation of Quality Assurance and Accreditation processes within the institutions which organize these programmes in France and abroad. A specific reference framework for the quality of programmes is defined and required by the Réseau Figure®, integrating European standards (ESG). A label is delivered by the Réseau Figure®
  • Establish European and International partnerships.
ENQA history
Affiliation was granted on 4 March 2021.

AMUE-103 Bd Saint-Michel
75005 Paris

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