NAQA • National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance

NAQA is an ENQA Affiliate.

NAQA is independent agency that began its activities in Ukraine in February 2019. It is a collegial body established by legislation as a public-law entity. The NAQA Charter defines the National Agency as the permanent collegial body authorised by the Law of Ukraine on Higher Education to implement state policy in the field of quality assurance of higher education. There are 23 NAQA members (including two students and three employers representatives) who are appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the basis of the decision of an International Competition Commission based on the results of competitive selection that is carried out in accordance with the principles of gender balance and subject area representation.

Organisational, financial, economic, logistical, technical, informational and other support of the NAQA’s activities are provided by the NAQA Secretariat. There are six NAQA Committees: Accreditation, Ethics, Appeals, Standards and Higher Education Economics, Scientific Councils Accreditation, Higher Education Quality Assurance. NAQA’s mission is to catalyze positive changes in higher education and to shape its quality culture.

Contact information
ENQA history
Affiliation granted in June 2020

Borysa Hrinchenka Str, 1
01001 Kyiv

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