NCPA • National Centre of Public Accreditation

NCPA - National Centre of Public Accreditation

NCPA is an autonomous nonprofit organization based in Russia. It was established in 2009 on the initiative of the Guild of Experts in the Sphere of Professional Education. The procedures are financed by the higher education institutions they evaluate. The aims of NCPA are to:

  • recognise the best educational programmes, determined on the basis of the results of external evaluations as best in the particular region, and in regard to specific fields of study;
  • accredit the best educational programmes in alignment with the ESG, Federal State Educational Standards, and requirements of professional associations and the regional labour market;
  • provide Russian HEIs with information and methodological support on the quality issues;
  • publish information about the accredited educational programmes;
  • train experts in the field of higher education quality assessment in alignment with the ESG;
  • collaborate internationally with the purpose of promoting public accreditation in education.

NCPA’s most recent external review report can be found here.

NCPA is registered on EQAR.

Suspension following ENQA Board statement.

Contact information
Prof. Vladimir Navodnov
ENQA history
Membership granted in 2014
Membership reconfirmed on 20 June 2019

206A Volkova St.
424000 Yoshkar-Ola

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