NEAA • National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency

NEAA - National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency

NEAA is an independent specialized body for evaluation, accreditation and quality assurance in higher education in Bulgaria. It is authorized by law to adopt a criteria system, internal procedures and standards. It is funded by the state budget and by collecting fees from HEIs for their accreditation procedures. The Ministry of Education is informed on a regular basis about the outcome of each procedure and so is the general public – through publication of the results of the procedures on the agency’s website.

NEAA is responsible for carrying out institutional and program evaluation and accreditation of all HEIs in Bulgaria. NEAA is looking into opportunities to internationalise its activities. Its role is to establish a quality culture in the HE system by information, consultation and active participation of stakeholders. The IQA system is a functioning mechanism of maintaining internal standards, together with the ethics system and the appeals system. The scope of activity extends to all HEIs at national level, which is an advantage ensuring reliability of decisions. There are two main levels of management – first level: the Accreditation Council elected and appointed by the Prime Minister and second level: eight Standing Committees on study fields elected and appointed by the Accreditation Council.

NEAA’s most recent external review report can be found here.

NEAA is registered on EQAR.

ENQA history
Membership granted in 2008
Membership reconfirmed on 7 December 2023

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