IAQA • Icelandic Agency for Quality Assurance (former QEF)

The Icelandic Agency for Quality Assurance (IAQA) is an ENQA Affiliate.

IAQA’s mission is to safeguard the quality of higher education in Iceland through an enhancement-led approach. Its main functions are:

  • to develop the Quality Enhancement Framework and ensure its fitness in line with Icelandic, European and international developments;
  • to carry out external quality assurance reviews for all higher education institutions in Iceland with the aim of ensuring that they enhance the quality of their operations in an ongoing manner;
  • to contribute to and promote knowledge in the field of quality assurance in Iceland;
  • to manage commissioned reviews requested by the Icelandic authorities or other stakeholders.

IAQA acts autonomously and works independently of higher education institutions, the government and other stakeholders. Its work is benchmarked against the most up-to-date standards and approaches to quality assurance across the European Higher Education Area while also fulfilling national legal requirements for quality assurance in higher education.

IAQA was known as the Quality Board for Icelandic Higher Education until May 2024.

Contact information
Dr Ólöf Gerður Sigfúsdóttir
ENQA history
Affiliation granted in April 2018
Affiliation renewed on 19 April 2023

Borgartún 30
105 Reykjavík

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