ANQA calls for international experts

The Armenian National Centre for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation (ANQA) is inviting international experts to register for the ANQA pool of experts.

During the past few years, ANQA has been actively involved in the institutional accreditation processes of Armenian higher education institutions. As the agency is now entering a second phase where the academic programmes are going to be looked at more closely, ANQA is aiming at enlarging its international experts’ pool.

In order to become an expert, candidates should register for the experts’ preliminary pool by filling out a form at During the week following the registration, ANQA specialists will review the candidate’s data and its compliance with the requirements to become an expert. In case of compliance with all the requirements, the registration will be approved. However, registration does not guarantee the involvement of the candidate in the upcoming accreditation process.

More information can be found on ANQA website. For questions, please contact ANQA at

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