Bologna Thematic Peer Group on QA – IMINQA: Call for participation in the working group on quality assurance of micro-credentials

The project ‘Implementation and Innovation in QA through peer learning’ (IMINQA) in which ENQA is a partner, has launched a call for the working group on quality assurance of micro-credentials.

Should your agency wish to join, please contact the representative of your country in the Bologna TPG C on QA, nominate an official representative and fill in this form by 12 June the latest.

Based on the answers a careful selection will be conducted. Attention will be given to geographical balance as well as to make sure that the group gathers applicants representing countries with different levels of developments and different expertise related to the topic. Please note that the number of participants in the group is limited to ensure an efficient collaboration during the project.

The working group will support the project partners to conduct a desk research, to put together guiding documents for HEIs and QA agencies as well as discuss the inclusion of micro-credential providers in DEQAR, conduct a feasibility assessment on quality label, exchange ideas about how to harmonise data standard for information on micro-credentials and prepare an input to the 2024 Ministerial Conference.

In the course of the project, the working group will meet regularly with the first meeting planned for Friday 2 September in Brussels.

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