Call for reviewers for ENQA Agency Reviews announced

ENQA invites its members to nominate candidates for the ENQA pool of experts. ENQA is specifically seeking candidates currently employed by a QA agency and who have been engaged in quality assurance within the past five years. The nominees are expected to be fluent in English (both written and oral), as it is the main working language of the ENQA Agency Reviews. The nominating agency/individual should know the nominee personally. At this time, one nomination per agency is welcome.

Nominated experts will be included in a list of candidates, however, the nomination to the ENQA pool is not a guarantee of being invited to a training, as places for training are limited, and the selection is made on the basis of the needs of the reviewer pool for the coming year (profile, nationality, language competences, gender, and expertise).

The next ENQA Training for Agency Reviewers will take place on 31 May – 1 June 2018 in Madrid. The nominees selected to participate in this training event will be contacted individually.

Nominations, including a curriculum vitae for each nominee, should be sent to ENQA Secretariat at by Monday 5 March 2018. Please use the CV template available for download here.

***Please note that ENQA Secretariat will save nominated reviewers’ information, including name, email address, profile, nationality, language competences, gender, and expertise, in the ENQA pool of experts, which is used for keeping a record of potential reviewers. Nominated candidates may be contacted by ENQA in matters related to ENQA-coordinated reviews. Candidates’ data will not be transferred or shared with any unrelated third parties.***

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