E4 statement on the ESG

The E4 Group (ENQA, EUA, EURASHE and ESU) have published a statement on the use of the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) in the changing landscape of higher education.

In recent years higher education provision has been changing rapidly, including the mainstreaming of e-learning, the emergence of micro-credentials, the launch of the European Universities Initiative, and the renewed importance of the third mission of higher education institutions. Furthermore, some higher education institutions and systems are exploring ways to approach quality assurance that go beyond the ESG.

This statement is prepared in response to discussions regarding the continued relevance and applicability of the ESG in this changing context. It covers issues such as the purpose, focus and interpretation of the ESG. The E4 Group underline that the appropriate and flexible use and interpretation of the ESG are at the core of their suitability to respond to the developing higher education landscape and support innovation and diversity in higher education and quality assurance.

The full statement is available here.

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