ENQA call for hosts of Members’ Forum and General Assembly 2023 & 2024

The ENQA Secretariat has opened a call inviting all ENQA members and affiliates to present their candidacies for the hosting of the ENQA Members’ Forums and General Assemblies scheduled in the years 2023 and 2024. The Members’ Forums are expected to take place in April each year and gather around 150 participants, while the General Assemblies usually take place in October each year and also gather around 150 participants.

Both members and affiliates are eligible to host the events; however, the Board shall give priority to members. Agencies undergoing an external review at the time of the Board’s decision, or those likely to be undergoing a review at the time of the event, shall not be considered. When deliberating, the Board shall take into account the location of the hosts in order to ensure appropriate balance and coverage within the EHEA. Details regarding the co-financing of the events can be requested from the ENQA Secretariat.

Agencies are asked to indicate in their application which event they would prefer to host and if they would be available to host even if not given their preference.

The call for hosts remains open until 11 April 2022, and the decision on the locations of the aforementioned events will be taken by the Board in April 2022.

Questions and nominations may be sent to the ENQA Secretariat at secretariat@enqa.eu.


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