ENQA webinar on how to prepare a good SAR is available online

After popular demand, ENQA was pleased to launch our webinar series over the course of 2019 on an interesting collection of QA topics. The final webinar of 2019 explored the topic “How to prepare a good self-assessment report for an ENQA Agency Review – Value of the process for the agency’s development.” The webinar took place on Wednesday, 4 December 2019. The PowerPoint slides and a link to the webinar video recording are available on the ENQA website.

During the webinar, Fiona Crozier (Independent Consultant, former Head of International, QAA, UK) and a representative from ENQA member agency, Asnate Kažoka (expert, AIC, Latvia) with expertise in writing thorough SARs presented their experience and elaborated on the value of the process for the agency’s further development. The webinar concluded with an overview of good practices in preparing a good SAR from previous ENQA Agency Reviews, as presented by Goran Dakovic, ENQA Reviews Manager.

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