Save the date: ENQA webinar “How to prepare a good self-assessment report for an ENQA Agency Review?” on 4 December 2019

The upcoming ENQA webinar “How to prepare a good self-assessment report for an ENQA Agency Review? – Value of the process for the agency’s development” will take place on 4 December 2019 at 15.00 Brussels time.

An essential component of the ENQA Agency Review review process for the agency is the preparation of its self-assessment report (SAR) and the supporting documents. This is the agency’s opportunity to reflect on how it measures up to the ESG and to gather the key documentation which supports its claim of compliance. As the SAR normally provides a substantial portion of the evidence that the review panel draws upon in forming its conclusions, it is important that the report provides clear information, sufficient reflections, critiques, and analysis and that its contents can be corroborated by documentary and/or oral evidence about the ways in which the agency meets the ESG. This allows the review team to prepare lines of inquiry in advance of the site visit.

During the webinar, ENQA’s Reviews Manager Goran Dakovic discusses the topic with experienced SAR-writers Fiona Crozier (Independent Consultant, former Head of International, QAA, UK) and Asnate Kažoka (expert, AIC, Latvia). More information and registration is forthcoming. More information will be provided on the event webpage when available.

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