SURVEY on Quality Assurance of Micro-credentials – Deadline Approaching

ENQA has invited its Members and Affiliates to respond to the survey prepared by the ENQA Working Group on the “Quality Assurance of Micro-credentials – Expectations within the context of the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG)”.

‘Micro-credentials’ is used here as an umbrella concept to cover all instances of short (certified) portable learning units which forms part of an educational environment, and, hence, may fall under external quality assurance arrangements now or in the future.

Whether the term ‘micro-credentials’ is used in your national context or not, in your answers to the survey, please consider micro-credential-type education in all its guises (and not exclusive to higher education).

The Working Group appreciates that there is ongoing important debate about internal quality assurance of micro-credentials; however, this survey will be focusing exclusively on external quality assurance arrangements as promoted by representative ENQA agencies.

Deadline for completing the survey expires on 27 April 2022

Please see the introduction to the survey for details. For any questions or further clarifications, please contact the ENQA Secretariat at

Please access survey at:


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