Harmonisation, Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Africa (HAQAA 3)


The HAQAA3 Initiative is an ambitious response to African and international development objectives, framed within the context of the EU’s growing investment in African partnership. It continues and expands the work done under HAQAA1 (2015-2018) and HAQAA2 (2019-2022).

HAQAA1 and HAQAA2 have demonstrated that higher education can be a backbone for and advocate of continental integration. Both initiatives have given voice, structure and visibility to the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA) in the field of higher education, and more specifically to the African Union endorsed Pan-African Quality Assurance and Accreditation Framework (PAQAF).

ENQA’s involvement in all three phases of the HAQAA Initiative supports the strong alignment between the African and European quality assurance frameworks, facilitating mobility, recognition and partnerships between the two regions and complementing the links that many ENQA members have with agencies and institutions in Africa.

Aims and activities

HAQAA3 aims to:

  • Strengthen a quality assurance (QA) culture, quality enhancement in higher education institutions and capacities of quality assurance agencies and national/regional authorities to develop, implement and use transparency tools such as the African Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ASG-QA) and the African Credit Transfer System (ACTS).
  • Strengthen the capacities of quality assurance agencies and national/regional authorities to promote mutual recognition of qualifications and accreditation and the use of transparency tools, and further develop the setup of the PAQAA (Pan-African Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency).
  • Build capacity within the higher education sector (including policy makers) on issues related to evidence-based and informed policymaking and regional integration, with a view to strengthen regional and continental integration, enhance the sector’s responsiveness and contribution to socio-economic challenges and support the revision/extension of the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA) 2016-2025.

HAQAA3 will develop its activities across five working areas:

  • Higher education data for policy
  • Advancing the African credit transfer system (ACTS)
  • Capacity building for internal quality assurance (IQA) and external quality assurance (EQA)
  • Supporting the Pan-African Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (PAQAA)
  • Regional integration and policy dialogue


ENQA’s role

ENQA will support the coordination of external reviews and consultancy visits at quality assurance agencies across Africa, building on the experiences of the previous two rounds of activities. The focus in HAQAA3 will be on engaging a greater number of agencies in the exercise, building the capacity for review coordination in our African counterparts, and exploring the mechanisms and consequences for compliance judgements in the context of the proposed Pan-African Quality Assurance Agency. ENQA will also contribute to training for external quality assurance, support policy dialogue between Africa and other world regions, and coordinate a review of the African Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ASG-QA).


The HAQAA3 implementing team consists of OBREAL Global, the Association of African Universities, DAAD, and ENQA.

Funding and duration

HAQAA3 runs from 2023 to 2028. The Initiative is funded by the European Commission and the African Union as part of the EU Youth Mobility for Africa flagship of the Global Gateway Africa-Europe Investment Package.

Contact and further information

Further information on the project can be found on the HAQAA3 website.

ENQA’s contribution to the Initiative is managed by Luis Miranda.

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