Quality Procedures Project (QPP)

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The Board of ENQA decided to develop a fourth edition of the Survey “Quality Procedures in European Higher Education”, entitled “Cooperation and competition in the provision of quality assurance services”.

This survey focused on the issue of internationalisation of external quality assurance in higher education.


February 2014 to October 2015


The project group consisted of six members, namely three Board members, two representatives of ENQA agencies and one member of the ENQA Secretariat. Josep Grifoll and Paula Ranne acted respectively as chairman and secretary:

  • Josep Grifoll, Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU Catalunya) – Chair
  • Anthony McClaran, Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA)
  • Aurelija Valeikiene, Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC)
  • Achim Hopbach, Agency For Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQ Austria)
  • Teresa Sanchez, Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI)
  • Paula Ranne, ENQA Secretariat – Secretary


Main objective

The project aimed to document and analyse the current methodological state-of-the-art and strategies in terms of internationalisation of QA in the EHEA and in terms of QA as a contributor to HE internationalisation.

Specific objectives

  1. Analyse the current national policies on HE internationalisation and the role of QA in that scheme;
  2. Provide a state-of-the-art of internationalisation of QA;
  3. Identify shared practices (factual Information), cooperation between national QA agencies;
  4. Get opinions on how QA agencies feel and think about crossing borders and QA of internationalisation (attitudinal Information);
  5. Learn from the various agencies’ approaches to internationalisation (methodology)
  6. Analyse how resources are used for international QA and QA for internationalisation of HE (national mandates, budgets, projects, networks, EQAR, etc…)


The results of the survey were published in a report which provided information regarding the existing internationalisation policies at national level, as well as strategies and tools implemented by QA agencies across the EHEA.


Quality assurance agencies in the European Higher Education Area (members and affiliates of ENQA).

For further information on QPP, please contact Paula Ranne.

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