Transnational European Evaluation Project II

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The Transnational European Evaluation Project II (TEEP II) was a detailed follow-up to the first transnational European pilot project (TEEP I) coordinated by ENQA in 2002-2003. TEEP II was a European-wide transnational quality evaluation scheme, which aspired to identify means and common elements for quality education in the Joint Masters Programmes in three subject areas: water management; cultural and communication studies; and law and economics.

The TEEP II project was conducted by ENQA and its six member agencies with financial support from the European Commission’s SOCRATES programme. It evaluated three European Joint Masters Programmes: Euro Hydro-Informatics and Water Management Programme (Euro-Aquae), European Master of Arts in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies (CoMundus) and European Master in Law and Economics (EMLE). These programmes included a total of 19 institutions.

The project involved six experienced European quality assurance agencies: the National Agency for Higher Education of Sweden (HSV), the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA, UK), the Netherlands-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO), the Comité National d’Évaluation (CNE, France), the Agency for the Quality Assurance in the Catalan University System (AQU, Catalonia) and the Hungarian Accreditation Committee (HAC). The HSV coordinated the project with the help of the TEEP II management group and the ENQA secretariat.

The agency representatives formed agency pairs, each of which was involved in the evaluation of one programme. In addition, the evaluation panel of each programme included five external experts and two students.

The implementation phase of the TEEP II started with a launching conference in Stockholm on 17-18 March 2005. All three programmes submitted their self-evaluation reports by the end of June and site visits took place between May and November 2005. The final stage included the writing of the programme reports and of the methodological report.

The project concluded with a final conference held on 4-5 May 2006 in Stockholm where the main conclusions of the project were summed up.

The TEEP II programme reports and the methodological report can be accessed in the Publications section.

The other project documents can be accessed here:

Programme of the launching conference in Stockholm (doc)

List of participants of the launching conference (doc)

Self-evaluation manual (doc)

Programme of the final conference (doc)

List of participants of the final conference (doc)

TEEP II and its results (ppt)

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