External review of AIC (2023)

The Academic Information Centre (AIC) underwent an external review coordinated by ENQA. The review evaluated whether and how the agency meets the expectations of the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the EHEA. The review took place in February 2023.

This review was coordinated by Milja Homan.

You can find the pages to all of AIC’s reviews here.

  • Brian Norton, Professor, Environmental Engineering, Principal, Technological University Dublin, Ireland – Chair, academic (EUA nominee)
  • Pieter-Jan Van de Velde, Freelance higher education consultant, former staff member of VLUHR QA, Belgium – Secretary, quality assurance professional (ENQA nominee)
  • Ieva Vaiciukevičienė, Head of Legal and General Affairs Division, Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC), Lithuania – Panel member, quality assurance professional (ENQA nominee)
  • Michał Goszczyński, Master student in Administration, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland – Panel member, student (ESU nominee, member of the European Students’ Union Quality Assurance Student Experts Pool)

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