ENQA Agency Reviews’ seminar for agencies planning to undergo a review in 2022-2023

31 May 2022-1 June 2022 All Day

About the event

ENQA’s seminar for agencies planning to undergo a review in 2022-2023 will take place from 31 May to 1 June 2022 in Cologne, Germany. The programme will begin on Tuesday, 31 May at 14:00 and conclude on Wednesday, 1 June at 12:45. The event is organised by ENQA and hosted by AQAS – Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education.

The seminar is open to quality assurance agencies that are preparing for an external review against the ESG 2015 (full review), and for agencies eligible for a targeted review. The seminar focuses on the entire review process, from preparation to follow-up and presents in detail the (revised) review methodology of ENQA Agency Reviews (2021) (full reviews) and new methodology of ENQA Targeted Reviews (2021). Participants will be given insight into the purpose and objectives of the review, discuss good practice related to the self-assessment process, as well as deliberate about how to maximise benefits of an external review in regard to the agency’s future planning and enhancement. Additionally, the seminar offers a unique opportunity to learn from other agencies that had successfully undergone an ENQA Agency Review.

The seminar is free of charge for one participant per ENQA member and affiliate. The fee for second and subsequent participant(s) from the same agency is 250 EUR/person. Other agencies that are not ENQA members or affiliates but plan to undergo a review against the ESG are welcome to register as well. In this case the participation fee is 250 EUR/participant.

For further information please contact Reviews Manager Goran Dakovic (goran.dakovic@enqa.eu).


The programme of the seminar can be found here.


What are ENQA Agency Reviews? Purpose and objectives of the review’s procedure by Goran Dakovic
Main stages of the review process by Milja Homan
Role of EQAR in the EHEA and its expectations on the reviews of QA agencies by Melinda Szabo
Dos and don’ts in agency’s self-assessment by Milja Homan
Avoiding the evaluation fatigue – introducing targeted reviews of QA agencies by Goran Dakovic
Second or subsequent review against the ESG – value of the process for further development of the agency by Patrick Van den Bosch
Initial experience on targeted reviews – case study of SKVC, Lithuania by Ieva Vaiciukeviciene and Aurelija Valeikiene
How to maximise benefits of an external review – can we plan a good review? Reflections from ENQA Agency Review Committee by Ronny Heintze


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