AIC • Academic Information Centre

AIC - Academic Information Centre

The Academic Information Centre is a public non-profit foundation established in 1994. According to the amendments to the Law on Institutions of Higher Education, it was authorised to organise external quality assurance of tertiary education in Latvia in 2015. The function of quality assurance is performed by a department of the Academic Information Centre – the Quality Agency for Higher Education (AIKA), which promotes the improvement of quality in Latvian higher education and contributes to the development of quality culture and its maintenance in accordance with the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area. The agency’s revenue consists of a state budget allocation, fees paid for accreditation and licensing services and income from projects. The agency is responsible for organising external quality assurance for tertiary education in Latvia – licensing of study programmes, accreditation of study directions (groups of study programmes) and accreditation of higher education institutions. The main functions of the agency are to: 1) ensure the accreditation of higher education institutions and study directions, as well as licensing of study programmes; 2) ensure the quality monitoring/improvement of higher education; 3) perform the analysis at the system level, carry out research and participate in projects related to external quality assurance issues; 4) inform the society about assessment results; 5) provide the necessary information and support for higher education institutions; 6) develop procedures and guidelines for ensuring the functions of the agency; and 7) participate in international networks for external quality assurance.

AIC is currently undergoing an external review coordinated by ENQA. More information can be found here.

AIC’s most recent external review report can be found here. AIC is registered on EQAR.

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