EUA – putting L&T back on the map

The European University Association (EUA) published recently its EUA Trends 2018 report, which is available online. The report has a thematic focus on Learning and teaching in the European Higher Education Area and offers data from more than 300 universities, an in-depth analysis of the eponymous trends emerging across Europe, as well as essential inputs to the growing European debate about the education mission of universities.

EUA also continued coordinating the European Forum for Enhanced Collaboration in Teaching (EFFECT) project, funded by Erasmus+ (2015-2019). The Ten European Principles for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching, which aim to serve institutional leaders in re-emphasising their education mission, were designed as part of the EFFECT project. The Principles also directly connect L&T and QA, by emphasising the importance of internal QA, as a shared responsibility of staff and students, for enhancing learning and teaching. The final outcome of the EFFECT project will consist of a feasibility study on how teaching enhancement could be promoted at the European level.

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