Framework for the Quality Assurance of e-Assessment – a TeSLA publication

As part of the TeSLA project, ENQA, together with EQANIE and AQU Catalunya and with the support of external experts, developed a Framework for the Quality Assurance of e-Assessment (FQAeA).

The framework was designed to accommodate the specific characteristics of e-learning and e-assessment in particular, with the main objective of improving and enhancing educational standards in the various different forms of e-assessment. It is applicable to all online and blended learning environments that include e-assessment, with the ESG functioning as the core document for the framework.

The objective of the FQAeA is to increase consistency and transparency in all forms of e-assessment applied in evaluating and measuring learning outcomes. It seeks to provide minimum standards that can be integrated into general quality assurance practices and guide users to address the specific characteristics of e-assessment.

The document was tested and improved during the TeSLA pilots which provided an interesting context given that the participating partner universities represented a variety of environments in terms of geographical scope, size, quality assurance practices and virtual learning environments.

To access the framework, go here.

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