New UNESCO-IIEP publication on Internal Quality Assurance

The UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) has published a book titled “Quality and Employability in Higher Education: Viewing Internal Quality Assurance as a Lever for Change”. It discusses the role that internal quality assurance can play in supporting the employability prospects of graduates. It is argued that at its best, internal quality assurance can function as an effective tool for higher education institutions (HEIs) to better identify areas that need to be improved and how institutions can better design strategies to address the necessary improvements.

The book includes chapters addressing topics such as a description of favourable conditions under which quality assurance can lead to quality improvement in teaching and learning, what elements internal quality assurance must integrate to meet the needs of employability with a longer-term perspective and how quality enhancement should be part of the overall strategic vision of a HEI. The book also includes a number of recommendations for policy-makers to make sure HEIs can realise an internal quality assurance system to achieve its most important goal of quality enhancement.

More information and a link to the publication is available here.

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