The upcoming SHEILA MOOC will give insight on learning analytics in higher education

The team of the SHEILA project, for which ENQA is a partner, is launching a massive open online course (MOOC) entitled “Moving towards systematic adoption of learning analytics in higher education” in November 2018. This course will give an overview of learning analytics in higher education, and introduce the SHEILA framework that can be used to support strategy and policy formation in addition to readiness assessment. It will be taught by a group of instructors with rich experiences of learning analytics research and it will equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to plan and implement learning analytics in a complex educational system.

The course will be three weeks long, each week covering the following main topics respectively: learning analytics in higher education, the SHEILA framework, and adopting the SHEILA framework in higher education. With this MOOC, participants will, in particular, 1) have a basic understanding of learning analytics in higher education; 2) understand the adoption of learning analytics in an international landscape; 3) gain insights into key drivers, challenges, and relevant policies; 4) apply the SHEILA framework for learning analytics strategy formation; and 5) understand how to address different expectations and concerns among stakeholders.

Information about the exact launch date of the MOOC will be posted soon. Meanwhile, more information on the SHEILA project can be found here.

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