Alignment of SIACES-ENQA quality guidelines in higher education for strengthening bi-regional trust (ESG-PBP Alignment)

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This initiative builds on the Memorandum of Understanding signed by SIACES and ENQA in April 2022, which expresses the common will of the European and Ibero-American regions to establish ties of friendship and cooperation; build a common understanding that contributes to mutual trust and the strengthening of good practices in quality assurance of higher education; and reinforce and broaden cooperation and the exchange of experience in quality assurance of higher education in their respective regions. Through the Memorandum, ENQA and SIACES agreed to actively seek opportunities for cooperation and to develop and implement joint projects, activities, events and other forms of cooperation in areas such as information exchange, staff development, and mutual understanding.

Aims and activities

The ESG-PBP Alignment project aims to strengthen mutual trust and explore the possibility of a better alignment of ESG and the PBP in the future. This general aim will be achieved by working on two specific objectives:

  1. Determining the degree of concordance and discordance between the ESG and the PBP.
  2. Preparing a joint proposal for potential further alignment of the ESG and PBP.


SIACES Secretariat, ENQA Secretariat, CNA-Chile (Chile), CNA-Colombia (Colombia), CONEAU (Argentina), A3ES (Portugal), ANVUR (Italy), HCERES (France), JAN (Cuba), QAA (UK) and ANECA (Spain)

Contact and further information

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